Release History

1.1.0 In SVN Re-org
1.0-SWT 2006-09-03 First SWT Release
1.0 2006-07-02 First Release
1.0-beta3 2006-03-13 Third Beta
1.0-beta 2005-11-24 First Beta
0.9.6 2005-11-11 Maintenance
0.9.5 2005-11-07 More Examples

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Release 1.1.0 - In SVN

fix Code is now gone through Checkstyle, PMD, FindBugs and Simian... benoitx
add Moved org.jense to official package net.sf.jtreemap (sorry, it breaks your code but we must do this to release on, the official Maven repository). benoitx
add Maven Build. benoitx
add Move to Subversion. marchy

Release 1.0-SWT - 2006-09-03

add The SWT version of JTreeMap! Copy the jar into the plugins directory of your Eclipse. Then, you can open the example view. (Window/Show View/others... KTreeMap/KTreeMap View) jense128

Release 1.0 - 2006-07-02

fix couple of bugs and The first release of jTreeMap! jense128

Release 1.0-beta3 - 2006-03-13

fix JTreeMap is totaly compatible with Java 1.5 jense128
add If you want to keep the compatibility with java 1.4, please contact me. jense128
add The ToolTip can be personalized. jense128
add Add the ColorProvider contribution of Andy Adamczak is added to the release. jense128
fix The example is improved. jense128
fix Fix bugs. jense128

Release 1.0-beta - 2005-11-24

fix The JTreeMap now fits the window/frame/panel. jense128
add You can load tm3 file. tm3 file is a format from hcil TreeMap. See here how to create your own tm3 file. jense128
fix Code is improved to render the override easier. jense128
add The example is improved too. jense128

Release 0.9.6 - 2005-11-11

fix Resolve some bugs.This seems to be the final release. If you have any suggestions, there are welcome jense128

Release 0.9.5 - 2005-11-07

add More examples. Can load your own xml file from the example.More split strategies.Improved code jense128