Class SplitBySortedWeight

  extended by net.sf.jtreemap.swing.SplitStrategy
      extended by net.sf.jtreemap.swing.SplitBySortedWeight
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SplitBySortedWeight
extends SplitStrategy

Strategy who split the elements in 2 groups of equivalent weight.

The elements are first sorted by descending weight. Then they are splitted in 2 groups of equivalent weight.

The heaviest elements are on the top left of the JTreeMap. The lightest elements are on the bottom right of the JTreeMap

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void splitElements(java.util.Vector<TreeMapNode> v, java.util.Vector<TreeMapNode> v1, java.util.Vector<TreeMapNode> v2)
          split the elements of a JTreeMap.
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Constructor Detail


public SplitBySortedWeight()
Method Detail


public void splitElements(java.util.Vector<TreeMapNode> v,
                          java.util.Vector<TreeMapNode> v1,
                          java.util.Vector<TreeMapNode> v2)
Description copied from class: SplitStrategy
split the elements of a JTreeMap.

Specified by:
splitElements in class SplitStrategy
v - Vector with the elements to split (arg IN)
v1 - first Vector of the split (arg OUT)
v2 - second Vector of the split (arg OUT)